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Introducing the Attach A Tag App
Introducing the Attach A Tag Mobile App
Attach A Tag and Cash's have teamed up to bring you the new, easy way to keep track of residents clothing
Keeping resident's clothing organized has never been easier with our new, mobile, cloud based asset management system designed especially for care-homes
Using our free to download app with our new coded tags and labels is a fast and cost-effective way of keeping residents clothing organised during their stay. No more misplaced or missing garments.The Attach-A-Tag app helps keep things sorted.
To celebrate the launch of our new app, we're offering a free iPod Touch to the first 5 customers to sign up.

Your free iPod Touch works perfectly with the Attach-A-Tag app, so you can start scanning right out of the box.

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The Attach A Tag App is specially designed to work with our new woven QR labels.

QR labels attach quickly and easily to clothing using our standard name-tags, no sewing or ironing required.

Combined with our tags, QR labels allow you to easily name-tag and code garments for better organization
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